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(image for) Boot (scuff) Guards (2) - BMW R1250GS/R/RS 2019 onwards
These boot (scuff) guards are compatible with the: BMW R1250R 2019 onwards BMW R1250RS 2019 onwards BMW R1250GS 2019 onwards The kit is comprised of two protectors for the chassis. R&G Racing Boot Guards are designed to protect the frame/swingarm from damage due to motorcycle boots. The flexible pads are designed to be unobtrusive but tough enough to...
(image for) Dashboard Protector - BMW F750GS, F850GS, F900GS/R/XR, R1300GS, R1200GS, R1250R/RS/GS CONNECTIVITY, S1000R/RR, M1000R/RR/XR, C400X Connectivity TFT
R&G Racing Dashboard Protector. This product is compatible with these bikes: BMW C400X - 2018  BMW F750GS - 2018  BMW F750GS - 2019  BMW F750GS - 2020  BMW F750GS - 2021  BMW F750GS - 2022  BMW F750GS - 2023  BMW F850GS - 2018 ...
(image for) Exhaust Hanger (1) - BMW R1250R/RS 2019 onwards
R&G Racing Exhaust Hanger. This product is compatible with these bikes: BMW R1250R (LC) - 2019  BMW R1250R (LC) - 2020-2022  BMW R1250R (LC) - 2023 onwards BMW R1250RS (LC) - 2019  BMW R1250RS (LC) - 2020 onwards BMW R1250RS Sport - 2019 onwards This exhaust hanger is...
(image for) Exhaust Hanger (1) & Footrest Blanking Plate - BMW R1250R/RS 2019 onwards
This exhaust hanger and footrest blanking plate kit is designed specifically for the: BMW R1250R 2019 onwards BMW R1250RS 2019 onwards This kit includes an exhaust hanger (EH0096BK) and a blanking plate (BLP0099BK) to replace the left-hand side passenger foot-peg. Please note that the images show a 3D-printed prototype, not the final product. R&G Exhaust...
(image for) Fork Protectors - BMW R1250R / RS 2019 onwards
Compatible with the BMW R1250R / RS 2019 onwards. The crash bobbins included in this kit are BLACK. Installation (pdf) R&G Racing Fork Protectors help prevent damage to the forks, brake calipers and axle nuts in the event of an accident or fall. How to find R&G products for your bike? Given the huge range of products it is really not practical to...
(image for) Frame Plug (7) - BMW R1200R/RS 2015 onwards, R1250R/RS 2019 onwards
R&G Racing frame plugs are ideal to close off an unsightly chassis hole. Keep dirt, dust and moisture out of frame recesses and improve the look of your bike. Compatible with the: BMW R1200R2015 onwards BMW R1200RS 2015 onwards BMW R1250R 2019 onwards BMW R1250RS 2019 onwards This plug is made from HDPE plastic and has a black finish. Note this kit...
(image for) GIpro X-Type U01 Universal Gear Indicator
The Healtech GIpro X-Type U01 Gear Indicator is compatible with: APRILIA Dorsoduro 1200 (ALL years), Pegaso 650 (2005-2010), RXV 450 (ALL years), RXV 550 (ALL years), Shiver 750 [ABS] (ALL years), SXV 450 (ALL years), SXV 550 (ALL years), ALL with digital trip/odo (ALL years) BENELLI DUE 756 (ALL years), TNT 300 (ALL years), TNT 899 (ALL years), ALL with...
(image for) GIpro X-Type WSS Gear Indicator w/ speed sensor
The Healtech GIpro X-Type WSS Gear Indicator is compatible with: APRILIA RS 125 (2017-2020), RS 250 (ALL years), Tuono 125 (2017-2020), ALL with cable speedo (ALL years) BMW F650GS (ALL years), G650GS (ALL years), G650X (ALL years), R nineT [Euro 3 spec] (ALL years), ALL with cable speedo (ALL years) BENELLI ALL with cable speedo (ALL years) BETA 350RR / RR-S...
(image for) Healtech ARA "Advanced Rider Assistant" Traction Control System
The Healtech ARA "Advanced Rider Assistant" is the ultimate accessory to get the maximum enjoyment and safety from your motorcycle. Ever feel that the power of your bike is more than you can safely use? The ARA provides the intelligent limitation of that power …. so you never lose control, ensuring the most efficient use of that power in all...
(image for) Kickstand Shoe - BMW R1200R/RS, R1250R/RS Sport
This kickstand shoe is compatible with the BMW R1200R 2015-, R1200RS 2015-. R&G Kickstand Shoes are a great way to increase the stability and security of your bike when parked on any surface by increasing the footprint up to 100% (depending on the model), reducing the possibility of the stand "piercing" the ground and the bike toppling over. Manufactured...