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(image for) Scottoiler xSystem v3.0 - Automatic Chain Oiler (electronic) with biodegradable (green) oil
The Scottoiler xSystem is the ultimate in "Fit and Forget" easy chain maintenance for motorcycles. Comprising an "intelligent" combined oil reservoir and valve, the unit detects the bike's movement and starts/stops oiling automatically, to deliver a constant flow of a clean, light biodegradable oil to the chain. The tiny but constant flow...
(image for) DENALI D3 Driving Light (1)
The DENALI D3 TriOptic™ Driving Lights are the most efficient 36-watt lights available, with a reach of nearly 600m! Each light includes a Spot lens (pre-installed) for maximum reach and an optional Hybrid lens to optimise both reach and width. Using the Spot lens, the beam reach is 582m, more than twice that of competing products for the same power...
(image for) DENALI D3 Fog Light (1)
The DENALI D3 Fog Lights are the most powerful fog lights available, providing a beam reach of 137m and beam width of 91m. There is no other legal fog light that comes close to this intensity as the unique lens is designed specifically to deliver the maximum allowed light within the designated zones for both USA SAE/DOT and EU regulations. This product is a...
(image for) DENALI D4 Hi-Power Quad LED Light Kit
The DENALI D4 TriOptic™ LED Light kit is one of the most powerful LED lighting systems on the market today but draws only 6.6A at full power. The system comprises two tough metal housings equipped with eight high-power LEDs. The housings are made from aluminium with a black powder-coated finish and have cooling fins cast into the body for maximum heat...
(image for) DENALI D7 Hi-Power LED Light Kit
The DENALI D7 LED Lights are the ultimate in high power auxiliary lights. Each light pod has seven 10W professional-grade LEDs, focused through a custom-designed lens to produce a spot beam with over 400m of reach (at an intensity of 1.0 lux). In fact a D7 kit will produce more than double the light output of a D4 kit! Since the D7 has so much power the light...
(image for) DENALI Dialdim Controller
The DialDim controller enables you to control two sets of auxiliary lights from one switch. The DialDim is not a simple switch : it has unique advanced functions. Dim/vary the intensity of the lights** with a visual indication on the control. **Please note the dimming function/control of intensity uses 3-wire control which all DENALI lights have. Some other...
(image for) DENALI DM Hi-Power LED Micro Light Kit
The DENALI DM TriOptic™ LED Lights use the smallest housings possible but still provide an extremely bright light for both daytime and night riding. The housings measure only 4.3x6.1cm but output 2190 lumens to generate a 120m beam in a compact housing that is small enough to be mounted on a mudguard. The system comprises two tough metal housings each...
(image for) DENALI DR1 Hi-Power LED Light Kit
The Denali DR1 TriOptic™ LED Light kit is designed to provide the maximum forward beam possible, over 300m of forward view! The system comprises two tough metal housings each equipped with a 10W Cree high-power LED and an oversized internal rear reflector. The housings are made from aluminium with a black powder-coated finish and have cooling fins cast into...
(image for) DENALI S4 Hi-Power Quad LED Light Kit
The DENALI S4 quad LED Lights are designed as a more general-use version of the professional D4 High Power quad LED lights. The S4 lights are smaller and lighter than the D4 pods and so can be installed in less-secure locations such as the mudguards. They have a non-removable, fixed quad lens that provides two spot beams and two wide flood beams combined, to...
(image for) Eazi-Grips Universal Tank Pad - Style "A"
Eazi-Grips Racing Universal Tank Pad - Style "A". An Eazi Grip Racing Tank Pad protects the exposed upper surface of the tank from damage due to zips, tank bags and general wear and tear. It also provides a non-slip surface for better control, comfort and safety when braking heavily. The pads are available in various styles and in the same materials as the ...