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(image for) Scottoiler vSystem Micro
The Scottoiler vSystem Micro is intended for installation where space is restricted, as is often the case with modern sports bikes. Despite its compact size, it still offers a range of over 1,500km (see table below). It supplies a small but continuous flow of oil to the chain, cleaning and lubricating constantly while the engine is running. The vSystem Micro...
(image for) Twinmax Vacuum Balancing tool, with carrying case
The Twinmax is a carburettor/throttle-body vacuum synchronisation tool, essential for ensuring the smooth-running of any engine. It shows the vacuum differential between two points of measurement, enabling fast and easy throttle-intake balancing. The current product (available from 2023 onwards) has a black fascia. The photos showing the silver fascia are for...
(image for) Ventz - Jacket Cooling System
The Ventz Rider Cooling System provides a simple but effective solution to the excessive heat that can build up inside motorcycle protective clothing. In all but the coolest weather, the temperature of the layer of warm air trapped inside protective clothing can rise to an uncomfortable level. Apart from the obvious discomfort, this can cause a dangerous loss...
(image for) Visorcat - Visor Cleaning System
The Visorcat is a cleaning system for your visor. It allows you to easily clean your visor with one hand while riding, before the dirt and bugs dry and harden. Essential for riding in rain and snow and amazingly effective in keeping your visor bug-free in the summer, the Visorcat is a great accessory to improve your safety in all conditions. How it works You...