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(image for) DENALI SoundBomb Mini Horn
The DENALI SoundBomb Mini electromagnetic horn produces a loud (113dB) low-tone sound that is approximately twice as loud as the standard horn fitted to most motorcycles. Normally this can be fitted as a direct replacement for the original horn as a simple but cost-effective safety enhancement for any vehicle. Notes KTM 1190/1290: a change from the factory...
(image for) DENALI SoundBomb Split Air Horn
The DENALI SoundBomb Dual Tone Split Air Horn produces an extremely loud (120dB) dual-tone sound that is guaranteed to get you noticed! Approximately four times louder than the standard horn fitted to most motorcycles, this is an important safety enhancement for any vehicle. In this " split " version of the air horn, the compressor and acoustic horn are...
(image for) FS 365 Complete Bike Protector Spray
FS 365 is a protective, anti-corrosion spray for all metal surfaces. Also helps to keep the bike clean as dirt does not stick to the protective layer, great for off-road bikes and quads. The lazy way to keep your bike in form. Available in 250ml (with spray grip), 1l (with spray grip) and 5l refill. What is it? FS 365 is a mixture of mineral oils and...
(image for) Grip Puppies - Grip Comfort Sleeves
The "Grip Puppy" is an insulating cover for handgrips. Available in two diameters: "Standard" for normal grips on a 25mm handlebar or "Large" for cruiser-size grips on 1" bars. Simply slide them over your existing standard-size grips to get immediate riding benefits. Features Reduces vibrations transmitted to the hand and wrist through the grip. Greatly...
(image for) Heat Shield
Eazi-Grip Heat Shield is a high-performance material used to protect components from radiant heat generated by the exhaust and engine in the most extreme racing conditions. The composite material uses layers of aluminium foil, glass fibre, flame-resistant polyurethane and silicon adhesive, providing a barrier up to 550°C. Despite the high barrier...
(image for) Helmet Hook for handlebars
Either you have already dropped your helmet or you are going to! It happens to everyone…unless you have a helmet hook! This simple but useful accessory can be installed in minutes on virtually any bike, scooter or ATV. While your bike may already have a securing point for a helmet, the Helmet Hook installs at the furthest point from the bike allowing the...
(image for) Nemo 2 Chain Oiler kit
The Cobrra NEMO 2 motorcycle chain oiler is a manually-operated oiler: one ¼ turn of the tank cap provides enough oil for over 300km of riding. Why use a Chain Oiler? A dirty chain or a chain with sticky, dirty chain lube will wear out prematurely, due to the dirt and grease forming a grinding paste and damaging the surface of the chain, the chainwheel and...
(image for) R&G Tank Pad - Modular Race Grip style, Non-slip
Protect your fuel tank from scratches/damage from zippers/buckles and general wear and tear with this modular tank pad. Made from the same non-slip material as the traction pads. How to find R&G products for your bike? Given the huge range of products it is really not practical to just browse/look for the product(s) that may be compatible for your bike and...
(image for) Rider Chain Oiler/Cleaner
The RIDER chain cleaner/oiler is an effective device to easily clean and lubricate a chain. Ideal to take on long trips or for after using the bike, no permanent installation required; use only when required. The compact unit contains foam pads to both clean and lubricate the chain with any suitable oil. Example Use of the RIDER with bike with side stand ...
(image for) Scottoiler vSystem Micro
The Scottoiler vSystem Micro is intended for installation where space is restricted, as is often the case with modern sports bikes. Despite its compact size, it still offers a range of over 1,500km (see table below). It supplies a small but continuous flow of oil to the chain, cleaning and lubricating constantly while the engine is running. The vSystem Micro...