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(image for) Universal Titanium Radiator Guard Mesh (12"x16"/30.5 x 40.5cm)
R&G Racing uncut titanium mesh sheet (12"x16"/30.5 x 40.5cm) for a DIY radiator guard or to fill any fairing aperture. R&G Racing Titanium Radiator Guards provide the ultimate combination of strength with low weight. Made from 100% titanium (ASTM B265 Grade 1) with a pressed aluminium frame and anodized finish, they are an essential addition protecting...
(image for) V2 Sponge - Visor Cleaning Sponge
The V2 Sponge visor cleaner is the winner of multiple awards as an essential cleaning accessory, useful for every biker. Requiring no chemicals, just add a few drops of water enables the V2 sponge to efficiently clean your visor of dirt and dead insects. Awards/Reviews How does it work? The V2 Sponge is not a...
(image for) Ventz - Jacket Cooling System
The Ventz Rider Cooling System provides a simple but effective solution to the excessive heat that can build up inside motorcycle protective clothing. In all but the coolest weather, the temperature of the layer of warm air trapped inside protective clothing can rise to an uncomfortable level. Apart from the obvious discomfort, this can cause a dangerous loss...
(image for) Visorcat - Visor Cleaning System
The Visorcat is a cleaning system for your visor. It allows you to easily clean your visor with one hand while riding, before the dirt and bugs dry and harden. Essential for riding in rain and snow and amazingly effective in keeping your visor bug-free in the summer, the Visorcat is a great accessory to improve your safety in all conditions. How it works You...
(image for) Wild Ass Air Cushion - "SMART" standard
The Wild Ass "Smart" air cushion is a universal fit for most bikes, large cruisers, sport-tourers, adventure bikes and Harley-Davidsons. The "Smart" style has a wide front-to-back cut-out to reduce contact with the scrotum, prostate and tail bone. The front and rear air cells are tapered for an optimal fit to seats with a raised front/rear...
(image for) Wild Ass Air Cushion - "SPORT" narrow
The Wild Ass "Sport" air cushion has a 15cm front to match the narrow seat profile of most dual-sport, adventure-touring, sport -touring and non-touring Harley-Davidsons. The "Sport" style has a narrow front with tapered cells to reduce contact with the scrotum and provide good leg room. The rear cut-out reduces contact with the tail bone....