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(image for) Quickshifter easy kit - Universal, for 1-2 Coils
This product is compatible with these bikes: Aprilia RS125 - 2017-2020  Aprilia RXV 4.5, 5.5 - 2006 onwards Aprilia SXV 4.5,5.5 - All Years  Aprilia Tuono 125 - 2017-2020  Benelli TRK 251 - All years  Ducati MH900e - 2001-2002  Ducati Monster 400 -...
(image for) GIpro X-Type G2 Gear Indicator - Display only
The GIpro X-Type G2 universal gear indicator is compatible with almost any motorcycle, used for the many bikes that cannot use a GIpro GPAT (connected to a gear sensor) or a GIpro GPDT (connected to the diagnostic port). This product is the display only: it has a very short cable with a bespoke connector, intended to be used together with one of the many...
(image for) GIpro X-Type Y04 Gear Indicator for Yamaha
The Healtech GIpro X-Type Y04 Gear Indicator is compatible with: YAMAHA MT-125 [non-ABS] (ALL years), MT-15 / M-Slaz / Xabre / TFX150 (2016), XV950 Bolt [non-ABS] (ALL years), YZF-R125 [non-ABS] (2014-2015), YZF-R15 (2019-2020). The Healtech GIpro X-Type Gear Indicator is a universal unit compatible with almost any motorcycle. Although the X-Type display is...
(image for) Healtech ARA "Advanced Rider Assistant" Traction Control System
The Healtech ARA "Advanced Rider Assistant" is the ultimate accessory to get the maximum enjoyment and safety from your motorcycle. Ever feel that the power of your bike is more than you can safely use? The ARA provides the intelligent limitation of that power …. so you never lose control, ensuring the most efficient use of that power in all...
(image for) SpeedoHealer Kit SH-V4 + SH-H05 - Honda, Kawasaki Z125, Suzuki, Yamaha
SpeedoHealer kit SH-V4 + SH-H05 for Honda, Kawasaki Z125, Suzuki, Yamaha. This product is compatible with these bikes: +++REUSE  Honda CB400F - 2013-2015  Honda CB400X - 2013  Honda CB400X - 2014  Honda CB400X - 2015  Honda CB400X - 2016  Honda CB500 Hornet -...
(image for) SpeedoHealer V4 Module - Speedometer calibrator
SpeedoHealer speedometer/odometer calibrator module SH-V4. Includes Last Maximum Top Speed Indication button. IMPORTANT: check your bike is compatible with this product BEFORE purchase: Healtech Visual/photo installation guidesHealtech User/Installation Manuals SpeedoHealer Versions There are three universa l versions that offer different extra features, and...
(image for) StuffSafe 80l
The Pacsafe StuffSafe is designed to keep your belongings safe and dry. 80 litres of storage volume combined with a tough exterior steel net. It's light and folds down neatly making it easy to transport. Features Smart eXomesh™ cage system Locks closed and locks to any secure fixture Water-resistant outer cover Waist and shoulder strap included Carry...
(image for) Scottoiler xSystem v3.0 - Automatic Chain Oiler (electronic) with biodegradable (green) oil
The Scottoiler xSystem is the ultimate in "Fit and Forget" easy chain maintenance for motorcycles. Comprising an "intelligent" combined oil reservoir and valve, the unit detects the bike's movement and starts/stops oiling automatically, to deliver a constant flow of a clean, light biodegradable oil to the chain. The tiny but constant flow...
(image for) eSync Vacuum Balancing tool
Digital four-channel vacuum meter/manometer for professional throttle-body synchronisation. The Healtech eSync not only provides accurate vacuum measurements but also can display and record the pulse/vacuum waveform for each cylinder for advanced troubleshooting. Why use the Healtech eSync? All multi-cylinder petrol engines require...
(image for) SLP-U01 Shift Light pro
The Shift Light pro provides superb visual indication of RPM threshold and ranges using a high power multi-colour display in an extremely small housing. Designed to give the rider maximum information but with minimum distraction. Main features: Uses a true-colour, high-visibility SMD Power multi-LED that can create any colour combination and can be seen from...