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(image for) Quickshifter easy kit - BMW K1600
This product is compatible with these bikes: BMW K1600 - 2018-2021  BMW K1600 - 2022 onwards This complete Quickshifter kit contains the iQSE control module, QSS sensor and installation cable (iQSE-W1 + QSH-F6D). Please use the Healtech Product Advisor below to check this kit is compatible with your bike. Designed for the...
(image for) FI Cleaner - "FI" Error Reset Tools
The Healtech FIC "FI Cleaners" are economical tools to quickly clear an "FI" error indication from the dashboard once a fault has been repaired. IMPORTANT: check your bike is compatible with this product BEFORE purchase: Healtech Visual/photo installation guidesHealtech User/Installation Manuals Users can repair their bikes and clear faults...
(image for) FI Cleaner - BMW 1 "FI" Error Reset Tool
This product is compatible with these bikes: BMW C400GT - 2019  BMW C400GT - 2020  BMW C400GT - 2021  BMW C400GT - 2022  BMW C400GT - 2023  BMW C400GT - 2024 onwards BMW C400X - 2018  BMW C400X - 2019  BMW C400X - 2020 ...
(image for) GIpro X-Type U01 Universal Gear Indicator
The Healtech GIpro X-Type U01 Gear Indicator is compatible with: APRILIA Dorsoduro 1200 (ALL years), Pegaso 650 (2005-2010), RXV 450 (ALL years), RXV 550 (ALL years), Shiver 750 [ABS] (ALL years), SXV 450 (ALL years), SXV 550 (ALL years), ALL with digital trip/odo (ALL years) BENELLI DUE 756 (ALL years), TNT 300 (ALL years), TNT 899 (ALL years), ALL with...
(image for) GIpro X-Type WSS Gear Indicator w/ speed sensor
The Healtech GIpro X-Type WSS Gear Indicator is compatible with: APRILIA RS 125 (2017-2020), RS 250 (ALL years), Tuono 125 (2017-2020), ALL with cable speedo (ALL years) BMW F650GS (ALL years), G650GS (ALL years), G650X (ALL years), R nineT [Euro 3 spec] (ALL years), ALL with cable speedo (ALL years) BENELLI ALL with cable speedo (ALL years) BETA 350RR / RR-S...
(image for) Healtech ARA "Advanced Rider Assistant" Traction Control System
The Healtech ARA "Advanced Rider Assistant" is the ultimate accessory to get the maximum enjoyment and safety from your motorcycle. Ever feel that the power of your bike is more than you can safely use? The ARA provides the intelligent limitation of that power …. so you never lose control, ensuring the most efficient use of that power in all...
(image for) Maintenance Mate - Service Reset for BMW motorcycles
The Maintenance Mate is a dedicated tool to reset the Service Interval Indicator on compatible BMW motorcycles. This product is compatible with these bikes: BMW C400GT - 2019  BMW C400GT - 2020  BMW C400GT - 2021  BMW C400GT - 2022  BMW C400GT - 2023  BMW C400GT -...
(image for) StuffSafe 80l
The Pacsafe StuffSafe is designed to keep your belongings safe and dry. 80 litres of storage volume combined with a tough exterior steel net. It's light and folds down neatly making it easy to transport. Features Smart eXomesh™ cage system Locks closed and locks to any secure fixture Water-resistant outer cover Waist and shoulder strap included Carry...
(image for) Scottoiler eSystem v3.1 - Automatic Chain Oiler (electronic with screen) with biodegradeable (green) oil
The Scottoiler eSystem is the most advanced chain oiler available, providing the ultimate in chain maintenance. Winner of the MotorCycle News (UK) "Best New Product" award, the eSystem delivers the benefits of constant low-flow chain lubrication to ensure extra-long chain-life with little additional maintenance. The system lubricates automatically...
(image for) Scottoiler vSystem with biodegradable (green) oil
The Scottoiler vSystem supplies a small but continuous flow of oil to the chain, cleaning and lubricating constantly. The vSystem works as a siphon. It is automatic, using a connection to the engine vacuum to allow the oil to flow only when the engine is running. The system lubricates automatically using a light oil that both cleans and lubricates at the same...