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Madstad Adjustable Windshield Supports

  • Model: MD-INFO
  • Manufactured by: Madstad Engineering

We stock only the Madstad supports that are available for use with the OEM (original) windshield due to the high cost of importing Madstad kits that require /include a Madstad screen.
You can find those kits listed in the Manufacturers section under Madstad.

Please be aware that if you buy a kit direct from Madstad in the USA, the import costs into the E.U. (VAT, Customs duties and issuing of a DUA) will add approximately 40% to the cost.

The (patented) MadStad adjustable windscreen system allows you to adjust the position of your windshield, eliminating turbulence (and hence noise) by removing the vacuum created behind the screen when riding.
The system creates a smooth airflow that you can adjust precisely for your particular height and riding position providing a dramatic improvement in comfort and enjoyment of the ride.

  • Eliminates turbulence
  • Adjusts to different size / style riders
  • Provides greater comfort with a smaller windshield
  • Improves stability and resistance to cross-winds
  • Reduces wind noise (no need for ear plugs!)
  • Better fuel mileage (less wind resistance)
  • Can be adapted to almost any bike.

Comparison of wind noise using the original screen and a MadStad system

How does the MadStad system work?

Typical Installation, shown here on a V-Strom

The RoboBrackets are made of stainless steel and powder-coated in satin-black to blend in nicely with the dashboard.
All necessary hardware is included in the kit along with an Allen wrench to remove the factory bracket and install the MadStad. All you need is a Philips screwdriver and 5-10 minutes for installation.


Currently Viewing Product 1 of 1

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